"In addition to the use of natural materials, your art is strictly related to the land and its elements, which gives absolute justification and authenticity to the pieces. What reason do you find for choosing this discourse?
Despite the scientific task involved in my work, there is a magical part that comes from my childhood (...) I maintain a symbolic approach to the environment while also exploring botany and chemistry. However, I always connect with the shapes and narratives of the different elements. For example, by using the yellow of sophora, I establish connections with its flowers, which in turn I relate to the stars. Colours and their materials, fundamentally, have very human attributes and undergo transformation processes similar to ours; There is a lot of spirituality in them. Especially in the making of textiles, where the drawing with the mordant is initially invisible, and the colors of the plants emerge as phytochemical traces or light spectrums".
Interview extract from WMN Magazine by Mercedes Polo Portillo. 

ROSA CATERINA (1992 Palma). 
STUDIES AND RESEARCH. 2020- PhD candidate at University of the Balearic Islands, Faculty of Biology (Spain) / 2016 Expertise in Dyeing and Printing on Fabrics with Plant-Based Colors, Professional workshop of master craftsman Michel Garcia, Lauris (France-Belgium) / 2010-14 Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (Spain) / 2012-13 Erasmus Program at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Munich (Germany).
clients INCLUDE. Aba Art Lab, Museo Fundación Juan March, Lugar Usual, Accidente con Flores, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Jardí Botànic de Sóller, Único Gallery, Marala, Muaré, IB3 TV, Fundació Cultural Coll Bardolet, Grup de Recerca en Art i Educació GRAiE, Tres Cultura, Ajuntament de Palma, Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil de Terrassa, Musée archéologique de Saint Romain en Gal, GRETA CDMA, Colore ton Monde, Museum over Industrie, Arbeid en Textiel.
AWARDS. Honourable Mention, Pilar Juncosa Awards by Miró Mallorca Foundation (Spain).
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